hobo’s lullaby: Harry Partch at Lincoln Center Festival

harry-partch-illusMaverick composer Harry Partch created his own 43-tone scale, designed and constructed two dozen of his own instruments, and wrote compositions for them reflecting his belief that music shouldn’t solely be an aural experience but a visual and theatrical one as well. He also wrote a great book about his music and philosophy, Genesis of a Music. This week the Lincoln Center Festival presents two stellar Partch works from very different periods in his life.

 July 23rd, 6 pm: Vocalist-percussionist David Moss performs Bitter Music, a piece Partch wrote while living as a hobo for eight years during the Great Depression. The work is composed of the words and speechways of the people Partch lived with during those years.

July 23rd and 24th , 8pm: Director Heiner Goebbels and Ensemble Musikfabrik present Delusion of the Fury (1965-1966), a large-scale theatrical work based on Japanese Noh that features the ensemble performing on reconstructions of Partch’s original instruments.